Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy


A study on the actual condition of the encrypted communication by ...

Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy Summary: terrorists from al-Qaeda heyday performs encryption communication, in advance of operatives and detection of terrorist plot by security intelligence agencies It seized has tried to Manukareyo. In particular, all 0 years of the US National Security Agency Edward Snowden is a communication intercepted by the United States By exposure of the contents, terrorist side to change the strategy, began to further focus on the exchange of information by encryption. Koh In the rapid development of computers and smartphones, looks like the privacy of the communication user is strictly protected, law enforcement agencies dark Has become impossible to decipher that even if the intercept issue communication. Corner of the mouth over the concept of the counter electrode of public safety and privacy protection Discussion skip the bubble will never calm down in the future. Keywords: terrorist, messenger, applications, encryption, secret communications, al-Qaeda, the Islamic countries, . Introduction Extremist organization in Syria and Iraq, the [Islamic State] Among the sites is fall one after another, Europe, the Americas, Asia, etc.

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