Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy


Islamic fundamentalism and Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy - of the Islamic terrorist organization birth and the century - 0's end was the era of global turmoil. It is the civil rights movement that has been raised in the United States was also impacts of the spill over to all over the world, was not only that. Year, occurs in the Palestine Six-Day War, also of the time under attack by the Israeli army Palestinian Arab people who were deprived of their land began to attack the Jews in various places by terrorist activities, was this era. Years, hijacking of El Al machine was awakened by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) became the first major event of such terrorist activities, the year will have occurred hostage barricaded incident of that 1972 Summer Olympics. Terrorist attacks by Arab guerrillas thus became possible to shook the world.

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