Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy


Fake Al Qaeda of intelligence agencies

Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy Mediterranean coast of the port city of Antalya in southern Turkey is a tourist destination to ports of call are many cruiser to sail the Mediterranean Sea. Recently, a fire occurs in the vicinity of the house of the harbor of this town, the police and try to determine the cause of the fire, was found 0 kilograms of bomb from inside the house. Turkish authorities in this incident, arrested a Syrian man named Ruaisakura (Lu'ai Sakra), was interrogated. Then Sakura, yourself in the al-Qaeda cadres, confessed that it was planning to carry out bombings by thrust into a small boat loaded with bombs to Israel's cruiser to entry into port in Antalya. Not only that, in addition to the UK-based banks and Jewish places of worship has been involved in the terrorist attacks that have been blown up in the last year month in Istanbul, Turkey, also was involved, such as to provide a passport to execute prisoners in the incident It revealed. Sakura was reported as [important person in the largest in the al-Qaeda], but he revealed also another story to surprise more the police authorities of Turkey.

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