Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy


London simultaneous bombings

Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy [scenario] . Values ​​failure . Different culture . Islam . Extremists . Organizational management failure . Rigidity of the management . Armed resolution full commitment . Lack of investigation study . Lack of pre-study 0. Can not be found extremists Cause . (Extremists) bad act . (Extremists) ethics moral violation . Nuisance with a murderous intent . Bomb-making . Blast Behavior . Corruption . Large-scale damage . explosion . Physical damage 0. death . Injury . Damage of society . Social dysfunction . Public transportation network paralysis result [Overview] 00 date, there is an explosion at the location at approximately the same time in the morning in central London subway line, this time after its about time took place an explosion in the storied bus. The cause is a suicide bombing by Islamic extremists, terrorism performer of the name makes a suicide bomber make a careful planning. And the general public names are caught died, zero or more people were injured. Terrorism performer person of course died.

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