Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy


Why terrorism occurs?

Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy Rebellious to rule Yama's The terrorist individuals or organizations, mainly in political purposes, and refers to the act of trying to dominate the people and society with fear. For example, in Japan, in the history, then we have many politicians that have been assassinated for political purposes, occurred even terrorism by Aum Shinrikyo. Acts of terrorism of the largest in human history is the terrorist attacks that occurred on the 00 date in the United States. Purpose of al-Qaeda that Osama bin Laden led caused this incident, was to expel the US military stationed in the Islamic state. Victims of terrorist attacks has risen to close to 000 people, in the wake of this incident, the US military has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. In modern society, countries that dominate the society in [fear] is not a little. Mechanism to govern the society there is a variety of forms, but that is the rule of fear does not last long is because it has been found in the history of experience. But sometimes, the military regime is established in such emerging nation, it is subject to control by fear.

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