Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy


Interview Rohingya armed groups. Why continue the attack?

Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy Ethnic minorities [Rohingya] of the refugee problem in Myanmar. As the High Commissioner of the United Nations is referred to as [genocide], it has become a global concern. I want to live in peace ... 0 years to the surprise attack that Rohingya armed groups have done to the security forces in western Myanmar Rakhine State. Security forces as retaliation for it, expand the mop-up operations of the armed organization, Rohingya of the general public also has become a collateral. Rohingya refugees have fled to neighboring Bangladesh has already exceeded the million people. 00 people close to the day still cross the border, the flow does not stop. When asked to talk to the Rohingya family just arrived in Bangladesh since it was deprived of the cattle and children, have fled. Myanmar security forces, murder in my village, I have to say that further Sashidase 0 to women] and testified. On top of that [in Bangladesh, want to live in peace] it was also said. However, the first place why Rohingya armed organization did a surprise attack.

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