Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy


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Al Qaeda .0 nuclear purpose of Pakistan strategy [The death of bin Laden would become al-Qaeda of the beginning of the end] was pointed out. The reason for this is that, () that the evaluation of Zawahiri suspect No. within al-Qaeda is known, () funds flow from Saudi Arabia that is no longer guaranteed, () the Middle East that the citizen demonstration activities of the region are successful the cites. This pointed out that, in terms of trend analysis on the core part of al-Qaeda, it can be said that the Matowoiteiru. However, sense of whether jihad by the group affected by the group and the al-Qaeda ideology is in cooperation with the Al Qaeda (holy war) movement is not the little sweet evaluation of to the point that has still ability to make terrorism there is. Terrorist attacks by jihad warriors, there is no change in it is a threat that sometimes give the international economy in fatal damage some countries not only of an attack. Well, the jihad warriors, do not have activities necessarily with the same sense of purpose. For example, Jihad movement, Some [to defend the nation] that the thought of a person of the Muslim, [to overthrow the regime] of apostates some have for the purpose of it.

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